Looking in Classrooms (1997)

Looking in Classrooms, a well-known and well-respected authoritative source, offers a class-tested examination of the means and ways teachers best develop into successful professionals. Specifically, this text synthetizes the growing knowledge base about teaching and provides research-based and reader-friendly summaries about effective classroom practices. Professors Thomas L. Good and Jere E. Brophy also enhance professional development by offering information, guidelines, and observational tools that enable teachers to become more reflective about their work and encourage them to seek feedback from colleagues and students.

Focusing on the basic and enduring attributes of the role of teachers, Looking in Classrooms emphasizes self-improvement and offers examples of outstanding classroom practices rather than merely suggesting "means of survival". Rich in examples and application suggestions, the book devotes particular attention to current issues, such as integrating traditional methods with constructivist, cooperative, and individualized learning methods; teaching classes of students who are heterogeneous in their achievement levels and cultural backgrounds; and collaborating with parents in helping students who present chronic school adjustment problems.

ISBN: 0-673-99739-1

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