Débuts - An Introduction to French (2007)

Mystery... romance... historical intrigue... family honor. These are just some of the themes explored in the film Le Chemin du retour, a ground-breaking cinematic experience created specifically for beginning students of French. Serving as the centerpiece for Débuts (the textbook) and the accompanying print and media supplements, Le Chemin du retour provides students with an unparalleled introduction to French language and culture as they follow the story of Camille Leclair, a young French television journalist who is investigating her grandfather's hidden past.

Débuts, the companion textbook, integrates the film through pre-and post-viewing activities and other features that facilitate comprehension while also serving as a complete beginning French course. The result is a unique, compelling language learning experience that engages today's students and intructors.

ISBN: 978-0-07-321910-3

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