Débuts - An Introduction to French (2003)

An innovative new film-based program designed to motivate and inspire beginning French students:
Débuts: An Introduction to French

Imagine... a French film created for your beginning French course. Le Chemin du retour, the movie, and Débuts, the supporting print-based materials, are a completely integrated program developed to provide learners with a cinematic view of French language and culture.

Centered around a young French television journalist who is investigating her grandfather's hidden past, Le Chemin du retour is a two hour feature lenght film that takes students on an incredible journey throughout parts of the French-speaking world.

With Le Chemin du retour, students will learn the basics of French in the functional context provided by the movie. The program offers instructors a systematic and easy way to implement the program, with on-screen pre- and post-viewing activities that help students verify comprehension of the film. Débuts, the textbook, provides students with further activities and resources for comprehension of the movie as well as a complete beginning French course.

Le Chemin du retour is filled with drama, culturally authentic language and locations, and historical footage. As students travel with the central character, Camille Leclair, they learn about authentic French characters, situations, and Francophone cultures. By viewing this compelling movie and using the accompanying textbook and program, Débuts students will gain proficiency in French language and culture.

Débuts text components:
- Student Edition
- Listening Comprehension Audio CD or Cassette
- Workbook and Laboratory Manual
- Student Audio Program / Audio CD or Cassette
- Student CD-ROM
- Student Viewer's Handbook
- Instructor's Edition
- Instructor's Manual
- Instructor's Audio Program / Audio CD or Cassette
- Audioscript
- Videoscript
- Institutional CD-ROM
- McGraw-Hill Electronic Language Tutor (MHELT)
- Online Learning Center

ISBN: 0-07-289755-4

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