101 French Idioms (1995)

Here Are 101 Keys to French Language and Culture

You certainly won't avoir le cafard ("have the cockroach" -have the blues), and you may even vous fendre la pêche ("split your peach" -split your sides laughing) when you read this humorous volume of colorful French idioms. 101 French Idioms, a whimsical collection of colloquialisms, is sure to delight you -and provide real insight into French idioms, customs, and humor.

Author Jean-Marie Cassagne has arranged common, everyday idioms into nine lighthearted sections, including: * En Parlant du Corps/Speaking about the Body * Nos Amis, les Bêtes/Our Animal Friends * Retour à la Nature/Return to Nature * La Bonne Chère/Eating in Style * La Vie au Quotidien/Life Day by Day * and more. And he has turned them over to the expert hands of illustrator Lucques Nisset-Raidon, whose wonderfully humorous cartoons show what the French say and what they really mean.

Each idiom has a literal English translation followed by an idiomatic English equivalent of the French phrase. Then the idiom is placed in context, either in a natural French dialogue or a narrative. (Full English translations of the dialogues and narratives appear at the back of the book.) These examples aid understanding and make the idioms come alive!

The cartoons, dialogues, and narratives are sure to help those learning French increase their grasp of the language at its most colorful. This book will help you sound branché ("plugged in" -in the know) when you communicate with French-speakers!

ISBN: 0-8442-1290-3

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