À la rencontre du cinéma français (2010)

À la rencontre du cinéma français: analyse, genre, histoire is intended to serve as the core textbook in a wide variety of upper-level undergraduate and graduate French cinema courses. In contrast to content -, theme-, or issue-based approaches to film, Professor Berg stresses "the cinematically specific, the warp and fabric of the film itself, the stuff of which it is made." Sufficient proficiency in French is the sole prerequisite: "No previous background in film studies is assumed, nor is any prior acquaintance with French cinema. It will help, of course, to like movies, and to have seen quite a few..." (from the preface).

"On connaissait le "petit Robert", le "Grand Robert", dictionnaires éminents de cette langue malmenée. Voici le "Robert Berg" du cinéma français."

ISBN: 978-0-300-15871-7

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