La France contemporaine à travers ses films (2011)

Ideally suited for a culture course on contemporary French society as well as for any course intended to prepare students for a semester or year in France, La France contemporaine à travers ses films is a engaging textbook that combines written documents and films to present a lively and relevant picture of contemporary France. Noted author Anne-Christine Rice employs a three step approach to each chapter of the text. Students first gather information, then draw conclusions, and finally are asked to challenge their conclusions. The inclusion of a single modern French film in each chapter adds listening comprehension and authentic cultural material to the research and readings.

The topics covered in La France contemporaine à travers ses films are broad and numerous, pertaining to a wide variety of issues related to contemporary French society. The topics and the films themselves have been carefully selected in order to maximize student interest, foster a better understanding of contemporary France, and provide a balanced view of French society today.

La France contemporaine à travers ses films is truly a unique textbook: one that is flexible enough to allow chapters to be assigned in any order. Additionally, activities within the chapters can also stand alone, providing instructors the ability to assign those activities that best suit their time and interests.

  • Concise yet thorough, this manageable text can easily be covered in a single semester
  • Unique, fresh and engaging approach to teaching French culture, accommodating a high interest level course with substantial material for classroom discussion and student interaction
  • Chapters end with more opportunities for research and study, affording students and instructors alike to further their knowledge of a particular concept, bringing to light the fact that there is always more to know
  • Flexible design and presentation affords instructors the ability to easily customize the text to fit their particular syllabus
  • Carefully chosen research opportunities, discussion topics, contemporary articles and interviews with actual French citizens provide students with a meaningful and relevant grasp of current French culture
  • Comprehensive Instructor's Manual, available to qualified adopters, provides valuable teaching aids and suggested classroom activities
  • Viewing and discussing feature-lenght French films with strong, meaningful images of what France really looks like, how it operates, and its cultural norms leads students to a better understanding of a world outside their own

ISBN: 978-1-58510-373-7

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