Imaginez le français sans frontières (2008)

IMAGINEZ is a new intermediate French program designed to provide students with an active and rewarding experience as they strengthen their language skills and develop their cultural competency. Engaging, award-winning short-subject films from the francophone world are integrated into the lessons, serving as springboards for the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural topics presented.

  • Student Activities Manual (Workbook / Lab Manual)
  • IMAGINEZ Supersite, powered by MAESTRO (*
  • MAESTRO Web-SAM (online Workbook / Lab Manual)
  • Lab Audio Program MP3s
  • Film Collection
*Free with the purchase of a new Student Text

  • Instructor's Annotated Edition
  • IMAGINEZ Supersite, powered by MAESTRO (
  • Instructor's Resource CD & DVD Set*
  • Film Collection DVD
  • Instructor's Resource CD-ROM (IRCD)
  • Instructional Resources: Teaching Suggestions, Lab Audioscript, Film Collection Scripts, English Translations of Film Collection Scripts
  • Student Activities Manual Answer Key
  • Testing Program: PDF Files, RTF Files, Testing Program MP3s, Testing Program Answer Key
*Contents available on the Supersite

ISBN_ 978-1-60007-176-8

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