Entretiens (2001)

Deuxième édition
The interactive texts and realia in this oral skills program stimulate conversation. The opening Entretien listening section organizes the chapter and ties oral skills to both listening and reading. Tools for conversational management enable students to initiate and determinate discourse, change topics, and engage in turn taking. Highly varied, creative activities encourage students to personalize their discourse by discussing their own experiences.

New! Learning strategies. In order to make the text more accessible to learners, direction lines were increased and helpful hints are now given to ensure that tasks are easier to complete.
Updated! Revised readings. Several readings were replaced in the edition. The new readings were selected based on user surveys and interest to the learner.
New! Audio CD. This CD provides students with listening practice by requiring students to listen to native speakers answering questions. The information gained from this listening activity is then applied throughout the chapter.

Task-based interactive activities. To provide learners with stimuli for oral production, there are interactive texts, such as self-tests, trivia quizzes, realia, and text passages.
Tools ares provided for conversational management. Speech acts that enable students to initiate and terminate discourse, change topics, and engage in turn taking are integrated throughout each conversational topic.

ISBN: 0-03-028976-9

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