Contacts - Langue et culture françaises (2001)

The Contacts textbook is not only resource for learning French in this course! The Contacts program offers an array of print and multimedia components that will not only help you to speak and understand French, but will also help you succeed in the classroom!


- Cahier d'activités (Workbook / Laboratory Manual) (0-618-00750-4)
Provides a variety of activities to help you prepare for your exams and to develop your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in French. Answer keys are provided so you can monitor your progress.

- Audio Program (Cassettes 0-618-08612-9 or Audio CDs 0-618-00757-1)
Coordinated with the Laboratory Manual section of the Cahier d'activités, the Audio Program features approximately 30 minutes of recorded material per lesson to reinforce your practice of grammar, listening, and comprehension.

- Computer Study Modules 2.0 in a multi-platform CD-ROM (0-618-00753-9)
Offering error correction and automatic scoring, the Computer Study Modules 2.0 provide additional practice of vocabulary and grammar to help you prepare for exams.

- Pas de problème! Video (0-618-00759-8)
Using video is one of the best ways to learn a language; it allows you to see and hear native speakers interacting in authentic everyday situations.

- NEW! Pas de problème! CD-ROM Version 2.0 (0-618-05867-2)
The creative, interactive video-based activities let you have fun while you improve your listening and reading comprehension skills in French.
Full-motion video clips from Pas de problème! Video, sentence scrambles, video and audio scrambles, and creative wrinting activities make learning French fun!

- Contacts Web Site and French Web Resources (Accessible via
This site offers self-tests to help you prepare for exams, activities related to authentic French web pages, and links to sites of interest that include culture, literature, grammar references, and more.

ISBN: 0-618-00748-2

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