Bien dit! - Grammar Tutor for Students of French - For use with Levels 1, 2 and 3

To the Teacher

Many students do not have a clear understanding of their own language and cannot, therefore, build on that understanding as they learn a second language. The intention of this Grammar Tutor for Students of French is to explain the basic grammar concepts introduced and practiced in Bien dit! first in English, with English examples and activities, and then in French. Students can then relate the targeted grammar concept to something they do everyday in English and thereby gain insights about how the grammar works before they attempt to learn it in the context of an entirely new language.

The Grammar Tutor presents in sequential order the main grammar points introduced in Bien dit! Levels 1, 2, and 3. These grammar points are compared to English as appropriate, so that students can readily see the many similarities between the two languages. In some cases, they will, of course, see differences; however, as they compare and contrast the structures of French and English, they will no doubt accomplish one goal: they will increase their understanding of language in general and become better able to use it to communicate.

The explanation of each grammar concept is accompanied by examples, and each presentation is followed by an activity that allows students to verify that they have understood the explanation of the grammar concept. The concepts are presented first in English and then in French; the activity inmediately following each presentation has the same format in both languages, to enable students to quickly see the comparison between the two languages. Following this basic introduction, students are asked to apply the grammar concept to simple, structured activities in French. The final activity on most of the Activity Masters encourages students to think both about the target language and their own.

ISBN: 978-0-03-092060-8

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